The London action will involve a series of coordinated banner drops from London bridges along the river Thames, which will be filmed from the river to tell the story.

Each bridge will deliver a specific themed message, organised by participating organisations, focusing on different groups and issues threatened by the far right.

After the banner drops people will be gathering on Millennium Bridge, for as long as people wish, for a celebration solidarity!

Important info for joining the London actions:

– It is our number one priority that all these amazing banner drops happen safely on Friday – we want to make absolutely sure there’s no harm to ourselves, and the people or property around us.
– It is not illegal to drop a banner, but we do need to make sure we’re not causing danger to river or road traffic or blocking roads or pavements, or causing any other safety hazards. So please coordinate with bridge leads if you wish to bring along an additional banner to hang from any of the central London bridges on the day.